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How To Take Good Photos Of Fish

Taking Good Fish Photos

It is important to make sure the photos you take of the fish you catch are interesting, above all else. Here are some pointers to make sure your photos turn out as striking to the eye as possible.

• Use trees, weeds, or rocks in the foreground and midground to lead the viewer’s eye to the fish in the picture

• Use wide-angle lens for close quarters shots in order to take in more information.

• Photograph any people in motion – have them stretching way out to net the fish, etc. Pictures won’t show motion, but you can indicate dramatic movement.

• Photograph the fish jumping by bringing it in. Let it rest for a while by holding it still and not letting it fight. Get your camera ready, and let it put on a show.

• For still pictures, put the fish on a plain background and have fishing gear nearby to indicate size.

• Remember that a Polaroid filter cuts through the surface glare when photographing fish in the water. Very effective in photographing fishing coming into the landing net